Furniture and textile manufacturer


To consolidate two separate business entities into one


Divorcing husband-and-wife owners


This 20-year-old enterprise, which employed 100 people and generated $20 million in revenues, needed to merge its furniture manufacturing and textile operation — two completely separate business entities — into one corporation as part of the divorce settlement involving the principals and owners, a husband-and-wife team.

JRH Consulting Group rapidly grasped the nuances of the furniture and textile industries and the very special problems presented by this particular enterprise. We analyzed the separate accounting software systems used by the two original operations, each customized to fit the specific needs of the respective business, and each out of date. We created a comprehensive "needs chart" and designed a single informational and reporting system reflecting the practices of both businesses and the overall needs of senior management. This produced better, more timely information, along with stronger internal controls.


Our solution enabled the company to turn a problem into an opportunity as it was then positioned to expand new showrooms in three new cities.