Non-profit summer camp and educational center


To automate accounting and database systems


Outmoded but long-established practices


Over the 45 years of its existence this non-profit organization had built up a solid network of hundreds of donors contributing about half of its $3 million in annual revenues. But it did all of its accounting by hand, along with all of its record-keeping on donors.

JRH Consulting Group automated the organization's accounting system and converted all of its donor records, many of them poorly maintained, into a computerized database. The new accounting system allowed the organization to improve its budgeting and cash flow, to adjust its dues and fees, and even to identify those donors most likely to support specific new undertakings — for example, capital improvements to the organization's facilities. The computerized donor management system tracked donors by name and contact information along with their donation history and their use of the organization's services and programs. It also tracked their outside affiliations — religious, educational, charitable, and the like — and their family connections, including the names and contact information of their children and grandchildren, all of them potential donors in their own right.


The non-profit gained a powerful ability to secure its future for current and future generations